Wartex eSports 8 Years 3/4

Wartex eSports 8 Years 3/4

We associate many successes and triumphs with this logo at Wartex eSports. During these years we were also able to celebrate successes in German eSports. We had a strong team in Div 3. 99Damage. There were players in this team who are now playing in the top organisations. Our international teams became one team and got the name “Wartex Se”.

Unfortunately, there was a lot of unravelling by players and management during this time. As a result, we lost our Rainbow Six division. And some active players in all areas. But the management of Wartex eSports always looked ahead and focussed on becoming international.

Over the years, our SE team was able to gain a lot of momentum in the ESEA League. Unfortunately, we had to deal with the accusations and had difficulty maintaining our community. And we decided not to build a community in 2020. We distanced ourselves from all statements and acted immediately!

During these years we also had a heavy data loss. Because a server farm burned down due to OVH and we had our data on a server. We had to fight and in the end we decided to only support Teams.

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