League progress and new start from EU Team

League progress and new start from EU Team

After losing two players in the middle of last ESEA Intermediate season the team was put on hold for a little bit as we evaluated our options for a rebuild. After internal discussions it was clear that Wartex would part ways with it’s In-Game Leader “neirdA”, as he found an opportunity in his local scene that suited him better. This meant that the team was down to only Rob “SnelleRob” Willaert and Alexander “Woodz” Wood.

The two began the rebuilding process and managed to secure a spot in ESEA Main for the very imminent Season 47 of ESEA. With this the team also found it’s new captain and In-Game Leader, the Bulgarian player Veselin “FAKE” Kalamarov. Woodz, SnelleRob and FAKE immediately started to look for two more players to compete in the season with. Shortly after Swedish rifler Emil “Kreppo” Sjöstrand was picked up to join the rifling core of the team. Kreppo last saw action in the Swedish organization Curlews Esport. After this the team began playing the ESEA Main games with a stand-in until a perfect last player was found. After another week or so of trialing the team finally decided on bringing in a familiar face to Wartex as the last piece of the puzzle.

It’s with great joy we welcome back Otto “Dinero” Davidsson. Dinero has represented Wartex for almost 4 years most recently as the manager of our Swedish Division, and before that as the core player in all of Wartex’s European and Swedish Counter-Strike teams. He will add great experience and firepower to the team for the upcoming season of ESEA and hopefully other endeavors too.

The team was now only missing a coach, and for that. Enter Nick “Noot” Samodurov. Nick has top-flight coaching experience in the North American scene and has previously worked with European ESEA Open winners Next In Line, massively aiding them in qualifiying directly to ESEA Advanced, an incredible feat in its own right. Noot will bring extremely valuable experience and help this new team find it’s groove and help shape it into hopefully something great.

We are looking forward to seeing the team’s progress this season in ESEA Main with their first game taking place on Sunday 5th of November at 21:00 Central European Time.

//ORIGINALTOXIC – Owner, Wartex Esports

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