Interview with Carro

Interview with Carro

It’s nice to call you our Team Leader of Team Wartex.

How did it come about that you are now leading our team with all your heart?
Since i started competing on cs i always have been igl
since my early years if been putting a lot of time watching progames-demos and i expent countless hour working on the server
And i saw that my other teamates on wartex are passionate about the game so the work becomes more enjoyable.

Were you able to gain team leader experience before Wartex?
My first experience with spanish teams help me to learn and understand basics of cs
Then i join a portugues mix with retired pro players that help me to understand mental site of the game
and they made me discover the competition
Then i joined the biggest amateur team on spain (Kazu boys store) and the coaches and player help me a lot
to grow as a player but also as Igl (more tactic aspect of the game).

Describe how you would rate the current team:
First of all i describe them as a group of friends who share same opinions and goals
Also they work so hard in and out of the server and we always talk and discuss mistake.

What are your goals for 2024?
As individual i wanna became better player and igl improving my mechanical ability and my communication
As a team having fun and having a deep run on the cs scene.

Thank you for your answers Carro. We wish you every success with the team.

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